May/June 2017 Issue

  • Welcome to May/June 2017 where after a brief hiatus, your editors have returned with a whole bunch of goodies with which to make up for lost time. As a result of our behind-the-scenes shuffling, some of the timely material within may appear dated but bear with us, after we’ve cleared out the backlog it’ll be all fresh from here.

  • This month we’ve got the scoop on everything from Hydrosport’s versatile riding vest to an affordable trail-side electronics charger.
    We follow guest contributor Rami Subramaniam on his first European bike tour
    and find out why Ryan can no longer call himself a Texan.

  • We would also like to welcome the latest member to the crew- Amy Nizialek;
    designer and artist who will be handling webmaster duties.

Monthly Articles

Take a closer look at this month's articles.

On The Pedals

By Jason Giacchino

Jason bought a drone to film the sport from above only to end up not filming the sport from above and then having to buy a second drone. Somehow he isn’t bitter.

As I Was Saying

By Ryan Brusca

In MBT’s downtime, Ryan moved from Texas to Washington. Somewhere along the way, he found his inner-philosopher.

Das Rant


CG says a sitcom came out this season that looks an awful lot like what he does here at MBT. Surprisingly it isn’t about just sleeping, eating and complaining.

Ryan sits down with Skibowl Bike Learning Center’s Scott Connors to rap on the future of Mt. Hood Downhill and what makes Oregon such a hot riding destination in general.

Product Reviews

Check out some cool new gadgets MBT tested out.

Tuff Tote

Ryan and his dog go adventuring in the currents of the river to make sure Tuff’s Tote lives up to its claims of water resistance.

HydroSport Vest Review

Ryan discovers a riding vest that serves both as storage as well as a hydration solution. Best of all the MSRP is unbeatable.

Hillsound Armadillo LT Gaiters

When Ryan told us he found the ultimate gaiter on the phone, we thought he adopted a giant green reptile. Turns out, these things are just as good in a swamp.

Secur SP6000 Ultimate Solar Charger

We live in a gadget-rich world and thanks to Secur, keeping our goodies topped off with yummy electrons is about to get a whole lot more portable.

The Mountain Story

Ryan pulls a tome from his bookshelf to recommend some cool weather reading sure to appeal to the mountain adventurer in all of us.