August & September 2015
Welcome to the August & September 2015 issue of Mountain Bike Tales where a backlog of products in need of testing has finally coincided with good riding weather for our editors! In fact, you are about to enter our biggest issue of the year.

This month we've got the scoop on everything from shoes from Ridgemont to a fast-assembly shelter from Coleman, from Lululemon's latest riding garb to a cooler from Esky that just may be nicer than your refrigerator.

Of course, we also return with all of our usual rants and goodies. Check it out, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

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Unlike a majority of the press currently available, we are seeking writers to share their own Mountain Bike adventures with the world.  MBT is not designed as simply a showcase for advertisers, but rather a meeting place for riders.  So please feel free to send us your tales, tips, photos, places to ride, maps, or suggestions for publication consideration so that the Mountain Bike community can feel your presence. MBT has been crafted not only for riders, but by riders so that the corporate weight that the magazine industry balances on its shoulders can give way to the fundamentals of the sport of Mountain Biking, since after all this is really what it is all about. Mountain biking is a great way to stay healthy and positive and we encourage our students to take up these types of activities to stay fresh, positive and have fun! --- Fast High School Diploma Online