2015 Archives

December 2015 CG says the holidays are all about materialism these days and as much as that bugs him, it keeps him busy around here this time of year.
October 2015 We've got another issue stacked with reviews including a product that allows you turn your iPhone into a personal drivetrain mechanic, the latest riding shoes from DZR, some slick new apparel from One Industries and we've even got a full ride report on a Kick Ass Road Trip (KART) adventure that won't soon be forgotten.
August 2015 A backlog of products in need of testing has finally coincided with good riding weather for our editors! In fact, you are about to enter our biggest issue of the year.
June 2015 CG emerges from his cave and winter hibernation with a revelation to share: The internet has screwed over the once proud jump video industry.
April 2015 CG says the last throes of winter are the hardest for him to cope with but we're not sure they can possibly be worse than what his washing machine has to worry about.
February 2015 It is 2015 and CG reflects upon where we are as a society and more importantly where we aren't. Great Scott!

April & May 2016 Issue

Welcome to the April/ May issue of Mountain Bike Tales where a surprise return of winter weather has your editors wondering if Old Man Winter is into April's Fools pranks.

That hasn't stopped them from delivering the goods, however, as this month they've got the scoop on everything from the latest smartphone case from Speck to a garment that claims to shorten muscle recovery just by wearing it.

Of course, we also return with all of our usual rants and goodies. Check it out, and as always, we welcome your feedback. editor@mountainbiketales.com