Adidas Horizor

July 2017 | Ryan Brusca

A good pair of shades can throw a whole new perspective on the way you experience your sport. From casting various colors in different shades to physical protection, sunglasses have the ability to literally change the way you experience an outdoor sport. Before I hit the trails, sunglasses are definitely crossed of my list of necessities. Adidas is targeting the outdoor sports sector with their new Horizor shades.


The full wrap-around lenses are completely engulfing on the Horizor sunglasses. My field of vision was immersed in the amber hue of the stock Vision AdvantageTM poly-carbonate lenses. Amber is perfect for diffusing the sun and relieving my eyes in direct sun light, but on the trail in trees, it can prevent you from picking out some of the minor details of the trail. This is a lens color more suited to an exposed ride in direct sunlight. Roadies will find much to get excited about here.


The SPX Frame is extremely light and seamless, which helps with the wrap-around feel to create a totally different field of vision. These frames are also compatible with RX prescription lenses for vision correction if necessary.


The Horizor utilizes some other unique features that add to its clever design. The nose pads are adjustable, adding to the comfortable fit for a range of face structures. Also, the hinges are coated with Traction Grip to keep them firmly in place which I experienced even at high speeds.


My favorite feature is the quick release hinge that allows the arm hinge to pop out under pressure. I’ve developed a reputation for being hard on gear, so this feature is one I absolutely appreciate.


Overall I enjoyed the light and athletic fit of the Horizor sunglasses and in direct sunlight, especially the complete field of vision coverage. The wrap-around design is also very comforting from a protection standpoint- low hanging branches, vines and briers are a fact of life in mountain biking. They are just a lens color away from being well suited to shady trail rides as well (perhaps something in a clear, yellow or smoked variant) but they are perfect for an afternoon run or road ride. Check out the product in greater detail here.


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