Beginners Corner
Beginners Corner

- Mountain Bike Tales Editors

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? We were all beginners once, and we all had to learn the ropes. We remember the first time we cleared a technical climb, pumped our fist after clearing a log, rode a drop and popped our first wheelie. Well, now that it's all routine, we're trying to impart some of our wisdom for the beginners out there, so read up, go out and practice those skills, and for crying out loud, keep your safety gear on and the rubber side down.

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December 2009 Issue

With the world caught up in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the editors of Mountain Bike Tales have stepped out of line long enough to deliver the goods: With an all new layout, Holiday gift ideas, our take on the Turner 5-Spot, a look at Why We Ride, and all of the usual goodies, rants, and editorials. Check it all out, and as always, we welcome your feedback. Happy Holidays!!!