The Cookie Department

March 2018 | Davis Talhone

Who doesn’t like the thought of reaching into their pack during a long, exhausting ride to pull out a moist, tasty cookie? Snacking to replenish calories burned is all a part of the game only one company out there says the process doesn’t have to taste like cardboard to be effective.

The Cookie Department, a Los Angeles based food company, is proving that all cookies are not all created equal. With a unique line of all-natural individually packaged fully-functional cookies, The Cookie Department offers up tasty treats containing no artificial preservatives or trans-fats.

It starts with clean ingredients and classic cookie formulations, which are then fortified with unique and innovative elements to provide riders extra benefits in every bite. Grab and go items are very popular within our sport for good reason.

According to their history, the idea of creating fully-functional cookies took shape one afternoon in 2009 when Founder Akiva Resnikoff refueled with a jolt of caffeine and a sweet snack at the original Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley, California. He noticed other patrons were also experiencing an afternoon slump. It was at that moment that he decided to combine his love of coffee and baking to create a functional treat. After creating more than 50 batches of cookies in his mother’s kitchen, the trial and error phase was over when the first fully-functional cookie, the Awaken Baked, came to fruition.

Infused with coffee and chocolate, the Awaken Baked was the jolt the Bay Area needed. The caffeinated cookies were a hit as fitness centers, cafes, college campuses and specialty markets --from Berkeley to San Francisco-- stocked their shelves. These days, The Cookie Department is a nationally distributed brand offering discerning customers five kosher, fully-functional and decadent cookie options, including:

  • Tough Cookie – Peanut butter toffee cookie with 10 grams of rBST free whey protein
  • Great Full – Sweet potato cranberry oatmeal antioxidant cookie (vegan)
  • Snap Back – Ginger and cayenne spiced cookie
  • Chocolate Chip Nookie – Rich chocolate chip cookie infused with Maca Root
  • Awaken Baked - Double chocolate chip cookie containing 40 mg of Fair Trade coffee

These things definitely have a place within cycling. They provide a dedicated energy boost similar to having a cup of coffee mid-ride but do so without the associated heartburn. Taste, of course, is a subjective thing and fortunately The Cookie Department offers up enough unique combinations to where surely even the pickiest palate will be satisfied. That said, I think they were delicious. They are a really fun idea and I know that when I go out on a 4-6 hour ride this is something that I would look forward to pulling out part way through for that much-needed boost.

Aside from the caffeine hit, are they more effective at replacing calories than any other cookie or item you can buy at a shop along the way? I noticed that 1/2 of a cookie is a serving size and contains 25 grams of carbohydrates (Chocolate Chip Nookie). Personally, on a long ride I am aiming for 30-50 grams of carbs per hour. So, yes, it’s right in the hunt in that category as well.

The Cookie Department’s line of Fully Functional Cookies are available at select specialty markets, juice and smoothie bars, gyms, college campuses, cafes, sporting goods stores, movie theaters, hotels, and grocery stores throughout the country. And, believe it or not, some of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach and Austin, Texas, keep their employees energized with a steady supply of these functional treats.


Grab one for your next ride. You won’t be disappointed.
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