CUROXEN Review: Curing Without Toxins

March 2018 | Davis Talhone

Let’s face it- as mountain bikers, we play in some pretty harsh conditions. Despite our best efforts, the risk of poison ivy exposure is always real. Not to mention other hazards like bug bites, scrapes, cuts and burns. Having a product that can easily fit into our packs that actually works is worth its weight in gold.

Enter CUROXEN: Providing a safer alternative to petrochemical and drug-based wound care that actually works without harsh additives, CUROXEN is made with just three ingredients you may recognize from nature; organic Olive Oil, Calendula, and Lavender Essential Oil.

CUROXEN does NOT contain:
  • Synthetic drugs, including antibiotics
  • Petroleum-derived products
  • Artificial chemicals
  • Silver

For those who are careful about what we put into and onto our bodies, CUROXEN’s ultra-pure, ultra-safe formulation is certainly a relief (no pun intended).

Being in health-care (athletic training), I am a big advocate of Neosporin and triple antibiotic. In general, I think that there is a reason antibiotics have been used for so long. CUROXEN is unique in that it takes the stand that antibiotics and chemicals aren’t necessary to achieve similar results. I'm sure there are lots of people out there that would be thrilled to discover there is an alternative in this, an all natural homeopathic medicine.

According to their research, CUROXEN kills more than five times the amount of bacteria than does its competitors. Nationally certified Nelson Laboratories tested CUROXEN against bestselling wound care products to determine the kill rate of five common bacteria that can cause infection in wounds, including MRSA.

Again, whether or not you happen to take note of the chemicals you allow to enter into your body plays a role in seeking out homeopathic treatments. Their lab results have shown promising results and in the field, it seems to deliver on its promises.

And perhaps best of all, since it is all-natural, it’s safe for adults, children and even pets.
To learn more about CUROXEN, visit

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