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Fall 2005

On The Pedals- Fall '05
*New* Nor'easter: Mountain biking in the fall can be both scenic and serene and at the same time it can be both dangerous and nerve racking...Read More The Urizar Chronicles: The beginning of March meant warm weather for me for a change. I spent the first week and half of March in Guatemala, Central America...Read More
The Mud Bandit: Sadly, Daylights Savings Time is just a few days away. For the last few months, most of my time in the saddle has included a lamp on my head, and...Read More
Narrowing it Down: Lets face it, when selecting a mountain bike there are a lot of options to choose from. Not only are brand, price, weight, and warranty factors to consider...Read More
Biomechanics: It's not often pleasant to discuss saddle sores, but the truth is every rider is at risk. So lets shed some light on a biker's taboo...Read More
The Mud Bandit: If you're like me, spring means one thing - the start of road trip season. In the next few weeks, I'll be on my way to North Carolina for...Read More
Steps to Success: Jumping your mountain bike with both wheels actually off the ground at once will get you out of some jams on the trails, help you get over...Read More
The Urizar Chronicles: This column's intentions were originally to cover the free-ride scene in Chicago, and locations around the Midwest. There is currently a website up dedicated to this already...Read More