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February 2005

On the Pedals: Truth be told, winter is finally catching up to me in terms of inspiration. At the very least, the reality of beautiful riding days is steadily becoming more of a distant dream...Read More Greenhorn: So I'm in the garage the other day doing a little car maintenance when I happen across the bike tucked away in the corner amidst a pile of other memory inspiring...Read More
Verdra's Corner: Cycling manufacturer giant Specialized has announced that it is working on prototypes for revolutionary new bikes, set to be released in 2006...Read More
The Urizar Chronicles: Chicago is a grand city. It has been voted one of the most architecturally significant cities of the world. I look out my office window that sits eleven stories, overlooking the Magnificent Mile and...Read More
The Mud Bandit: Racing in the 24 Hours of Adrenaline is a lot like running through a parking lot circus, while tripping on acid...Read More
Steps To Success: Lets face it, changes in elevation come with the territory in mountain biking- and depending on whether gravity is working against you or with you makes a big difference...Read More Nor'easter: So Santa was good to me this year, bringing me a handheld gps that can be used, amongst other things, for my biking adventures when the spring thaw finally arrives...Read More
Biomechanics: We all like to think each ride will end with our bodies in at least as good of shape as we started, but, as with any activity, we put ourselves at risk to sprains and strains...Read More
Thawing Out The Bike: So itís a little early to be talking about spring for much of the world. We canít resist offering a few tips of maintenance to get you rolling after digging your bike out of the shed come thaw...Read More