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January 2005

On The Pedals: More often than not, I find winter as a period of time that is rather uninspirational, particularly in terms of my ability to get outside forbentertainment. There are some, I suppose, who adapt perfectly to allowing the harsh temperatures and foul conditions to serve as a ready-made justification...Read More Greenhorn: When my cousin Jay approached me in early November about creating a mountain bike devoted web site, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. The onset of such projects always seem to blind me from the actual amount of work and dedication such endeavors require...Read More
Verdra's Corner: Bicycle theft has always been a serious issue for bike owners. Traditionally, bicycle owners have employed theft resistant locks like U-Locks, or cables and heavy-duty chains with padlocks. Even then they've carefully had to...Read More
10 Ways: In every group of riding buddies, thereís at least one guy who canít hang with everyone else. We all know someone who fits this description. Heís the guy you wish could leave at home...Read More
Nor'easter: Friday afternoons are usually bliss for me. The day job ends at 1:00pm and I have the afternoon to explore my New England countryside surroundings, which are proving to be a mountain bikerís paradise...Read More
Steps to Success: When one of my riding buddies brought to my attention the notion of winter mountain biking, I did what any other mammal on earth would have done: I cringed at the thought of riding my bike in piles of snow in subzero temperatures! But after one attempt, I was hooked...Read More
Understanding Your Stoppers: < Cars have been outfitted with them for years, so have motorcycles. But hydraulic brakes are still relatively young technology in the realm of mountain biking. The ever-popular v-brake (manual bar mounted lever pulls on cable to activate pads that squeeze outside...Read More
Bio Mechanics: The knee joint is essential in everyday activities and plays a big role in mountain biking.  The knee is the joint most vulnerable to severe injuries. First lets get into how the knee joint is held together...Read More