SilverSport Outdoors Review

November 2017 | Gabe Kahan

SilverSport has launched a new line of athletic clothing specifically for those of us who like to spend our time under canopies of trees and shooting down dirt trails. In partnership with the outdoor lifestyle company Mossy Oak, they’ve released several new products with their signature SilverClean® technology—a pair of dark grey camo socks, a camo exercise towel, and a short sleeve camo tee.

While the gear clearly looks and feels like some high quality creations, there’s little difference here between this new line of items and the rest of SilverSport’s products, save for the camo appearance. Thus, it’s visual appeal seems to be the core selling point for us outdoors-y folk. It makes me wonder, is camouflage truly a priority for us out on the trail? Hunters seem to demand it. For riding, perhaps I need to incorporate more sneak attacks in my loops.

Regardless, each item certainly delivered on its promises. The company espouses that the products are “amazing gear for hiking, biking, kayaking, running, walking, mountain climbing…whatever adventure life takes you on!” While I can’t speak to them in context of water sports (I bet blue camo would be cool), I can definitely attest to their quality on land. I hit the trail a number of times, both on foot and on two-wheels, with all three pieces of gear on my person.

SilverClean® Anti-Microbial Properties
One of the company’s main claims to fame is its SilverClean® technology, which it explains is an added level of protection against bad smells and bacteria. Using what they call “Nano Scale Silver,” any sweat that comes into contact with the material is met by microscopic Silver ions that destroy odor-causing microbes. To my surprise, the fabric was about 70% effective in eliminating any unpleasant smell after spending several hours pedaling.


I had spent several rides wearing the shirt and socks, and occasionally stopping to wipe myself off with the towel—I even used it as a comfortable pillow to sit on during water breaks. By the time I was off my bike seat and walking off the trail, the shirt was usually soaked through with sweat. But there was never any sign of smell. It wasn’t until I got home and let it sit on the rack for a day that I smelled any hint of odor.

The shirt also kept me particularly cool. In 80-degree heat, it was quite unexpected to be walking my bike up a hill and not feel my clothing melting into my skin. Whether this was a byproduct of SilverSport’s alleged nanotechnology, or simply because of the shirt’s breezy polyester and spandex blend, I couldn’t be sure.


While they kept my feet dry and cozy during my rides, I found the socks in need of an immediate wash like any other cotton commodity. Advertised as having this same “odor free” technology makes me think either SilverSport is a tad idealistic, or I simply went a bit too all out during my escapades. But I still appreciate them as hardy hiking socks. With thick cuffs stretching several inches past my ankles and comfortable padding, I’ll still be picking these up for cold weather or backwoods treks.

But weeks later and the towel almost smells brand new. I’ve taken it on more outings, including some trips to the gym, and it’s only inherited a slight odor. On top of that, its lightweight and microfiber-like fabric makes for a super soft feel. And yet with a description of an 80%-cotton/ 20%-polyester composition, I would expect something a bit coarser.

Coming in medium, large, XL, XXL, and XXXL, I suggest you select one size up from what you normally buy. Being 5’9” and about 140 lbs., I have a small enough body to fit into adult smalls or mediums. I selected medium for the camo shirt and found it to be much closer to an adult small. While it wasn’t unwearable by any means, the bottom barely made it down to my waist and I had to stretch the collar out a bit with my hands every time I put it on. Offered as unisex, this may be one of the downfalls of trying to accommodate multiple body types and both sexes.

The socks, however, we’re a snug fit. With the only selection options being women’s or men’s, SilverSport labels them as one-size-fits-all. I would definitely agree. Even with the elastic compression around the arch for extra support, it was a little roomy for someone with a shoe size of 10. I imagine it could easily stretch beyond that.

The towel I received was 30 in. x 50 in., which sounds a bit big, but was definitely appreciated. They also offer the same towel with dimensions 20 in. x 40 in., but with the bigger size it felt less like a hand towel and more like a beach blanket. During several rest stops it functioned as a soft place to sit and avoid a muddy butt. However, if you’re looking for something thick to separate you from the uneven earth, I suggest you look elsewhere. The silky soft material is in part due to its extreme thinness—this lead me to have to fold it multiple times to build up enough fabric to allow for cushioning.


Would I recommend the shirt, socks, and towel to other mountain bikers? Only as much as I’d recommend any other gym wear from SilverSport—unless you enjoy wearing camo, or have the unusual desire to somehow stay hidden in the woods while charging down hills and up ramps. The clothing was soft, got the job done, and I definitely felt it could take a beating amidst the mud splatters and fresh air. And while the towel felt focused on its fleecy feel in exchange for durability, its lightweight design made it an easy fit into my backpack’s tight spaces. If they offer blue camo anytime soon, I may even take up kayaking.

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